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Pug Tooth Keychain

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Pug Tooth Pug Keychain, Dental Pug Keychain, Dentist Keyring, Tooth Keychain, Dental Assistant Keychain, Dental Hygienist Keychain

Each keychain is handmade and ready for carrying your keys and showing your love for dentistry! Our custom keychains come with protective film.

The front of each custom keychain includes a transparent, protective film to prevent scratching. The back of the keychain includes a layer of matte varnish to help protect the keychain.

All key chains come with a protective covering to protect the top layer of acrylic during shipping. Please remember to remove it.
These are handcrafted keychains and we only use the highest quality products. Each keychain is printed in full color and cut with laser precision to fit the shape of the design and fully assembled with a clear snap closure and stainless steel key ring.