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Dental Implant Vent Freshies

Implant Top Freshies, Tooth Freshener, Dental Freshie, Dental Gift, Tooth Car Freshener, Tooth Freshy.

Freshies are great for your car, dental supply room, dental operation room, dental bathroom, or supply closet and can also be excellent gifts for patients.

This purchase is for one tooth freshener. Our beads are cured for a minimum of two weeks before baking to ensure you get the most potent scent possible.

Your freshie will last for months in a sealed package. Once opened, it will last between 3 and 6 weeks or even longer.

Please note all designs by Teeth Obsessed are copyrighted and require authorization for use. This means any duplication of artwork is considered an infringement of property.

Implant Top Freshies
Implant Top Freshies
Implant Top Freshies
Implant Top Freshies

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