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Candy Corn Tooth Earrings (Ortho and Plain)

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Halloween Teeth Earrings, Witch Tooth Earrings, Witch Implant Tooth Earrings, Scary Teeth, Halloween Tooth Earrings

These beautiful glitter earrings are perfect for a glam, colorful, and sparkly accent to any dental uniform. Our Earrings are the perfect statement piece for anyone in the dental field. 
Snag one for yourself or your dental babe – just be prepared for lots of looks and jealousy! 

Lead and Nickel free for sensitive ears
Should not be worn in the shower or while swimming to prevent tarnishing and guarantee your jewelry looks brand new.

Please note all designs by Teeth Obsessed are copyrighted and require authorization for use. This means any duplication of artwork is considered an infringement of property.







Candy Corn Teeth Earrings Candy Corn Teeth Earrings Candy Corn Teeth Earrings Candy Corn Teeth Earrings