Everything You Need To Know!

Everything You Need To Know!

If you have ever dropped a smartphone before, you know EXACTLY how terrifying a situation it can be – and why so many choose Sprockets or phone grips to help them get a better handle on their device!

For starters, any of the flagship smartphones from companies like Samsung and Apple are more expensive today than most laptop computers – with the high-end devices carrying price tags that can top $1200 (and sometimes a lot more than that).

Replacing one is no easy task!

Secondly, it doesn’t really take all that much of a drop for today’s most advanced smartphones to get spiderweb thing across their touchscreens. Not only will this make them very difficult to use, messing with the touch interface, but it also makes seeing things on the phone next to impossible as well.

Add in the fact that you crater any potential resale value you might have been hoping for to help offset the cost of upgrading your device in the future and it’s easy to see why so many people want to get a better grip on their phone.



The odds are pretty good that you’ve seen those weird circular discs that have been slapped directly to the back of someone’s smartphone or smartphone case and wondered exactly what it is, how it works, and whether it makes using the phone a lot easier – or is more than a little of an inconvenience.

These discs are called PopSockets and are attached directly to phones or cases with a sticky and reusable adhesive material. When not in use of a collapse like an accordion to lay flat against your phone, but can easily “pop out” so that you can get a better grip on your device.

There big selling point is that they add a lot of extra stability and a lot of extra grip to today’s super slick and slippery smartphones, without adding a lot of weight or heft to the table, either. The fact that they can lie flat is a huge advantage, and they certainly make snapping selfies without any “camera shake” all lot easier than ever before.

You can also use a PopSocket as a bit of a bootleg smartphone stand, too.

Lay the phone on its side with the PopSocket popped out and it will stay in position, allowing you to watch movies, stream things from Netflix or YouTube, or just enjoy your phone in horizontal mode hands-free.

On the flip side of things, not all is sunshine and roses when it comes to PopSockets.

There’s plenty of concern that over time these accordion style accessories aren’t going to pop out any longer, and that they might eventually pop right off of your device – with your phone tumbling to the ground because of it.

Some people also complain that they aren’t exactly the easiest thing in the world to get their hands around at first, and that deploying the PopSocket at first can be a real headache and hassle.

You also have to worry about the PopSocket popping out all on its own when you least expect it to, grabbing on to clothing and accessories and causing your phone to tumble to the ground as well. This has happened more than enough times to make people really start to wonder whether or not these accessories are worthwhile.

Lastly, all PopSocket accessories are going to have to be stuck to your smart phone with adhesive glue – glue that can be next to impossible to remove if you’re ready to get rid of this later down the line. You run the risk of messing up the clean looks of your phone or your case if you can’t get the adhesive off when you want to later down the line.


phone grip

Phone Grips, on the other hand, offer a little bit of extra stability and a little bit of extra security compared to the completely circular PopSocket options available on the market today.

You’ll be able to get a much better grip on your phone with these accessories, securing it with one hand, and making sure that your fingers aren’t ever going to slip out of position and send your phone plummeting to the earth in a way that’s sure to crack its screen (and probably do some other damage).

Phone Grips work wonders for those that have slippery hands which makes them very popular with people that want to use their phone while they are at the gym. Phone Grips also work nicely when your fingers are cold (like in the winter), something that people using PopSockets always complain about!

The stand feature with a Phone Grip is a lot easier to use as well, really maximizing the way that you can deploy the stand. You’ll be able to get your phone set up in either portrait or landscape mode depending on how you deploy your Phone Grip, letting you set your phone up for totally hands-free operation in any configuration – and then flipping back and forth as often as you like with no difficulty at all.